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Taqueria Jalisco

Today, Marshall Scott Owens (@WestTX_BBQ on Twitter) drops a guest post on the Taco Trail. The Lubbock resident is a financial adviser at a Fortune 500 company. More importantly, he likes “BBQ, tacos, burgers, and brew,” and, he says, “If college football was a food I would eat as much as I could.” You can read Owens’ guest post on Full Custom Gospel BBQ here. Before you do that, though, read his review of Taqueria Jalisco in Lubbock. It might come in handy during the Texas Tech games against Oklahoma University and University of Texas this fall.

I went to Jalisco under the guise of a “romantic” date with my girlfriend, but I was really there to review what I think are the best tacos in Lubbock.

Taqueria Jalisco isn’t your run-of-the-mill Tex-Mex restaurant. The menu tends to offer more than the typical “food smothered in cheese then ran through a pizza oven.” People commonly refer to Jalisco as Tex-Mex, but those people tend to think all Mexican food in Texas is Tex-Mex. Although I have never been to Guadalajara, I would like to think Jalisco lives up to the name, and it is anything but just Tex-Mex. Continue reading

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Tacos Make for Easy Meals During the Holidays

What’s the holiday season without tacos? I don’t want to know is what. Carolyn Knight, who recently wrote a guest post for the Taco Maven blog, feels the same way. She takes a turn on the Taco Trail. Please welcome Carolyn and try your culinary skills with the appetite-whetting, vegetarian-friendly recipe below. It sure beats the hell out of dried-up bird. Take it away.

It’s been proven that the taco is food perfection. The delicious tortillas make them portable, and the combinations of ingredients you can put inside are endless. OK, so no one has actually shown tacos to be perfect, but they’re the food closest to it from what we can see. With the holidays coming up it might seem like time for a taco break, but they still make for easy meals no matter the time of year.


El Camote

If our Spanish is right (and there’s a good chance it isn’t) we’re talking about sweet potatoes. What says holidays better than this tasty, starchy treat? In most families, you’ll get this holiday dish all sugared up and covered with marshmallows. You can stick that gooey mess into a corn tortilla shell if you want, but we’d rather mix it up a little bit. Our version has a kick and includes a nice corn salsa, to boot. Continue reading

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