An Ode to the Concha Burger


Here’s the first couple of paragraphs of a little something I wrote for the day job, Cowboys & Indians magazine, where I am the food & drink editor. Enjoy and click on to the read the full story.

Nothing is perhaps as emblematic of the cross-cultural exchange that occurs at the U.S.-Mexico border as the food. We can thank the border for the creation of Tex-Mex. Getting more specific, we can also thank the border for regional dishes such as the Sonoran hot dog (aka dogo), the use of shredded Muenster cheese on tacos in El Paso, Texas, and fried bacon-wrapped burritos stuffed with carne asada and, if requested, slathered with Philadelphia brand cream cheese (aka queso Philly or “Philly cheese”). Most recently, though, is the concha burger.

“We were bored,” says chef Adrian Cruz, who along with his brother, Bobby, concocted the concha burger in 2016 because they had downtime while working at the Orchard Lounge in McAllen, in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley.

Read the rest of “An Ode to the Concha Burger.”

Photography: Cristi Brinkman/Courtesy Four Corners Brewing Company


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