Ten Joints With Great Breakfast Tacos


Breakfast in Texas means tacos, and breakfast has been on my mind a lot lately. So, I’d thought I’d offer my current top 10 places for the proper way to begin a day—anywhere, not just in the Lone Star State.

Taqueria La Salsa Verde
Although its appearance shows otherwise, the taquera working this Richardson gas-station counter claims the taco de cabeza (above) is prepared al vapor. Whatever its preparation, the taco is still excellent. Which is really all that matters to me first thing in the morning. The choriqueso is the cabeza’s equal. 14225 Coit Road, 972-330-0403

San Juanita
The chorizo and cheese at this South Congress shack offers buckshot heat in a large tortilla, giving any road trip a fiery start. 4406 S. Congress Ave., Austin, 512-443-9308


Cool & Hot
Not only does my favorite breakfast taco spot in North Texas serve barbacoa and chorizo that kicks appetites into full throttle, it’s also got character. It’s the whole package—handmade tortillas, included.


La Tejanita
Some of the finest gas station tacos in Dallas are found here. The morning lot are diminutive, savory and fueling, if you have cash. The barbacoa, chorizo and potato breakfast tacos are the ones to order here. 6769A Abrams Road, 214-348-9900


Tito’s Mexican Restaurant
The 35 breakfast tacos at this San Antonio institution range from the simple machacado to the complex house specialties like the Niles Favorite, packed with refried beans, cheese, bacon and avocado offering a motley collection of textures, mushy, crisp, with a little punch.

My trips to Austin are failures without a meal at this small, 13-year-old chain. I go for the vaquero and the mole, made with locally sourced goodies and given an extra umph with that brilliant green salsa known simply as the Doña. (Yes, I love Tamale House, too. Who doesn’t?)

Good 2 Go Taco
A breakfast taco list with a Dallas slant is incomplete without this East Dallas delight. For me, it’s all about the southern-breakfast-in-a-taco SoCo. However, the customizable options are a solid choice. Go. It won’t be good. It’ll be great.

El Tacontento
Shimmering barbacoa and mild chorizo and egg get the day started right at this strip-mall Plano operation. They’re quick noshes that culminate in lingering smiles. 2380 E Park Blvd, Suite 416, Plano, 972-633-9795

Gordo’s Taqueria
This freestanding Oak Cliff taco hut makes the best potato and egg breakfast taco I’ve had in Dallas. 2324 W Illinois Ave., 214-337-0999


Los Torres Taqueria
Not breakfast tacos, per se, but a breakfast platter that comes with the soul-warming handmade flour tortillas characteristic of Sinaloa, the home of the owner. The eggs and chorizo are as one, as if the delectable result of a Star Trek transporter accident. Silky refried beans garnished with queso fresco are best slathered on the large tortillas splotched brownish-black from cooking before you apply the eggs and chorizo. Finish the antojito with a hit of salsa verde.





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7 responses to “Ten Joints With Great Breakfast Tacos

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  2. Shane


    We need addresses for the last few on your list! We would like to try them too!

  3. Taco Trail

    Thanks for the tip. The links were working when I posted the list. I’ll fix them ASAP.

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