Below is a selection of my taco writing published elsewhere.

The Demand for “Authenticity” Is Threatening Kansas City’s Homegrown Taco — Eater

Choose Your Own Culinary Adventure — Cowboys & Indians

Dallas Is a Taco City — D Magazine

Does a Great Taco Require a Handmade Tortilla — Texas Monthly

Flautas Are Tacos Too — Texas Monthly

Taste of the West 2018 — Cowboys & Indians

Dallas Taqueria Owner Emilia Flores Is Fighting Hate with Coats and Sweaters — Dallas Observer

Meet the Guy Who Brought Legit Mexican Food to Sweden — MUNCHIES

The Brief History of the Taco Emoji Now Has a Happy Ending — MUNCHIES

The Best Tacos in Austin — Thrillist

The Real Texas Breakfast Taco History Involves Cannibalism, Ted Cruz, and War — MUNCHIES

This Is the Difference Between Real Tortillas and Industrial Tortillas — MUNCHIES

The Texas Taco Bucket List: 50 Tacos to Eat Before You Die — Thrillist

Fried Trip, K-Mex, and Good Ol’ Al Pastor: DFW’s 10 Must Underrated Tacos — Dallas Observer

Love and Marriage and Breakfast Tacos — D Magazine

Austin Tacos Are Overrated Compared to Dallas. Here’s Why. — Thrillist

Buen Provecho: A Devotee’s Long-Awaited Taco Crawl Through Mexico City — Texas Monthly

The 120 Tacos You Must Eat Before You Die — Texas Monthly

13 Great Tacos in El Paso — Texas Monthly

The Santa Fe Taco Trail — Cowboys & Indians

This Texan Jew Is Bringing Kosher Tacos to the Border — MUNCHIES

This Legendary Gunmaker Moonlights As a Restaurant Dishwasher — MUNCHIES

15 Great Tacos in Dallas & Fort Worth — Texas Monthly

The 8 Essential Breakfast Tacos in DFW — Thrillist

The 8 Most Important Tacos in Dallas — Thrillist

Vera’s Backyard Bar-B-Que — Cowboys & Indians

More Than An Indian Taco — Cowboys & Indians

Cervezas del Taco — Imbibe Magazine

The Best Tacos in Dallas — D Magazine

In search of puffy tacos — Dallas Morning News

Crunch and Munch. Where to Find Dallas’ Best, and Most Authentic, Crunchy Tacos. — Central Track

From Palette to Palate: Gay designer-cum-restaurateur Ron Guest gets creative on walls and plates — Dallas Voice

Make fish tacos at home with these recipes from Rusty Taco and So-Cal Tacos truck — Dallas Morning News

Taco Suave: Transgender “travesty shows” help fill the seats at Dallas taquerías — Dallas Observer

City of Ate Taco Trail Archive — Dallas Observer

Torchy’s Tacos Spreads Like Brush Fire From Austin to Dallas — Dallas Observer

Good 2 Go Taco is Revving Up for the Road — Dallas Observer

Breakfast Tacos – Required Eating in Austin — Slashfood

From Mama Mia to Viejo Mexico — New York Press

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