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Chile Pepper Grill & Tacos El Barrio

A friend and I took off for a day of tacos in Fort Worth last month. By the end of the taco tour, we had visited three restaurants, one truck and one trailer. The trailer in question was Chile Pepper Grill in the Cowtown Chow Down food truck park.

What I noticed first about Chili Pepper Grill was the impressive menu. There was asada and tripe but also an alambre taco, meat with all the fixings. Choriqueso, a gooey hybrid of a taco, was another option. Huaraches, tortas, gorditas, quesadillas and burritos, each for six dollars, rounded out the available items.

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Zombie’s Food Truck

I’ve eaten tacos made in a laundromat, tacos on the property of an automechanic’s garage and now I’ve eaten tacos from Zombie’s Food Truck, a Fort Worth-based mobile kitchen specializing in vegan foods. At the invitation of Dallas Vegan’s Jamey Scott, I hopped on the bus for a Dallas Vegan Drinks meetup during a Deep Ellum Brewing Company Thursday night tour, with food from the aforementioned operation.

Named after Texas Rangers starting pitcher (and native Dominican) Neftali Feliz—currently on the disabled list—Zombie’s Neftacos Feliz are small corn tortillas filled with partially shredded meat substitute seitan (wheat gluten) and topped with stringy onion, chopped avocados then given a sprinkle of cilantro. The pair are a solid meal with a few disappointments. Continue reading

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Tin Star Taco Taxi

I never liked Tin Star Taco Bar. From the get-go, the concept seemed like an M Crowd restaurant’s annoying, “pat-on-the-head” clever stepbrother. Besides, at this point, the chain’s signature noisome cheeseburger taco is hackneyed. Mark Brezinski, owner of Velvet Taco, had a hand in Tin Star, and now his unfortunately named Henderson Avenue gringo taco house offers a cheeseburger taco. It’s terrible. Continue reading

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Taco Republic to Hit the Road

During a family lunch at Richardson’s newest specialty taquería, Taco Republic (full disclosure: I did not receive any food gratis), I had the opportunity to speak with owner Ron Guest. While we chatted about the business and the grub, Guest announced that he and his partners are planning a food truck. Specifically, the Taco Republic mobile operation will hit the road after the bricks-and-mortar concern breaks even but well before the restaurant’s first anniversary.

As for the meal, I fulfilled the promise I made in my initial review, and enjoyed it. The Game Day buffalo chicken taco (not pictured) wasn’t buried under a briar patch of mediocre ingredients. Instead, chunks of chicken tossed in a tangy sauce peeked from beneath shaved celery and carrots. Mixed with the chicken was a sensible amount of blue cheese crema that wasn’t a runny cascade of putridity.  Continue reading

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3 Men and a Taco

3 Men and a Taco/Facebook

A tent beyond the Fair Park esplanade bore an unexpected treasure during the underwhelming Taste of Dallas, 3 Men and a Taco, a gourmet taco truck concern at the time without a truck. What the operators, an enthusiastic group of chefs, former bartenders and die-hard taco fans, had was an ambitious roster of grub separated into regular— though far from original—and walking—rolled and fried, AKA dorados—tacos.

Especially delightful was the beet taco, one of my top tacos of 2011. Sadly, it’s no longer on the menu. Also relegated to the menu hereafter are the Ethiopian-inspired doro wat chicken with traditional niter kebbeh (seasoned clarified butter) and berbere (an Ethiopian spice mixture), the gator with okra as well as beef goreme, another African turn, topped with a feta sauce. Continue reading

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Chi’Lantro Sets Houston Roll-Out Date


Better than a scrumptious taco from my favorite Austin Korean taco truck, Chi’Lantro BBQ, is news about said truck. Yesterday, Chi’Lantro BBQ’s Iris Han dropped me a quick note. In it, she wrote that a Houston Chi’Lantro truck will be serving kimchee fries, burritos and its signature tacos mid-February 2012. Continue reading

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Good 2 Go Taco Getting Fitted for Wheels

Good 2 Go Taco, yarn bombed. Via Facebook

Good 2 Go Taco was planning a taco truck, I wrote for City of Ate in 2010. Shortly thereafter, owners Jeana Johnson and Colleen O’Hare shuttered the specialty taqueria counter inside the Green Spot market and gas station. Plans for the mobile venture were put on hold.


Months went by before the taqueras’ fare, like the popular Hotlanta and the joyful heart attack from Dixie, the SoCo, would be served commercially, but when they were—Ave, Maria!—Johnson and O’Hare gave us, their dedicated fans, reason to celebrate. We came in droves to the Peavy Road storefront furbished with reclaimed elements and throwback cafeteria tile.

It was good. It was glorious. Continue reading


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Is Chi’Lantro BBQ Coming to Dallas?

My favorite Korean taco truck in Austin, Chi’Lantro BBQ, will be rolling out a truck in Dallas sometime next year, according to SideDish’s food-truck maven, George Lewis, who tacked on the claim at the end of his weekly truck schedule post.

This is a surprising but welcomed development, as Chi’Lantro owner Jae Kim told me in a July 13, 2011, correspondence that a Dallas truck was a goal, a long-term goal. “We would love to go to Dallas but we have been busy here in Austin. We think Houston will come along before Dallas, but serving at Dallas would be awesome someday!” (Chi’Lantro had a presence at last year’s Art in October Block Party.)
Anyway, taking Lewis’ bait, I reached out to Kim, who confirmed the news. “Our plan is to open up in Dallas next year sometime in the middle of the year,” he noted. Kim and company believes there’s room in the Metroplex’s fusion-taco sandbox for Chi’Lantro, alongside Ssahm BBQ, Kor-BQ and Goghee to Go. “There’s an opportunity for us to share our food with people in Dallas.” 
I’ll put that opportunity in my mouth.

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