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First Bite: Resident Taqueria

A taco tray at Resident Taqueria.

A taco tray at Resident Taqueria.

Taco shops open and close every day, and few notice. It seems that everyone noticed Resident Taqueria opened. The restaurant, owned by husband and wife Andrew and Amy Savoie and designed by the Guest Group, has been one of my most anticipated taqueria openings of 2015. Andrew is a chef who honed his craft in renowned kitchens like Jean-Georges before taking root in Dallas’ Lake Highlands neighborhood, where Amy grew up. Both went all in on this concept of a taco spot geared toward the locals, a family restaurant, but with thoughtful fare that shows deference to the taco’s history and Mexican ingredients. Everything from the agua fresca to the signage and tortillas would be handmade. What a taqueria should be. So it’s been, and it’s been nuts.

That goes for the peppy peanuts claiming real estate on Resident’s tacos and for the buzz. Continue reading


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La Norteña Food Mart

“Awesome!” the thought swims around my mind as the cabeza taco’s qualities continue to swim in my mouth. Awesome!  But the cabeza, cooked for six hours, isn’t the only phenomenal taco at La Norteña Food Mart in Five Points. The pastor and carnitas options are fantastic. The beef guisada (thick stewy delight), when available is a gem. Heck, even the chicken is good.

The market/taqueria is an oasis in this rough and tumble section of Lake Highlands, a couple of blocks east of Greenville Avenue, and the subject of a previous story. Since that first post, I have returned several times to snack on tacos and for chats with the good-natured owner, Baldemar Martinez. Continue reading

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Good 2 Go Taco Getting Fitted for Wheels

Good 2 Go Taco, yarn bombed. Via Facebook

Good 2 Go Taco was planning a taco truck, I wrote for City of Ate in 2010. Shortly thereafter, owners Jeana Johnson and Colleen O’Hare shuttered the specialty taqueria counter inside the Green Spot market and gas station. Plans for the mobile venture were put on hold.


Months went by before the taqueras’ fare, like the popular Hotlanta and the joyful heart attack from Dixie, the SoCo, would be served commercially, but when they were—Ave, Maria!—Johnson and O’Hare gave us, their dedicated fans, reason to celebrate. We came in droves to the Peavy Road storefront furbished with reclaimed elements and throwback cafeteria tile.

It was good. It was glorious. Continue reading


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Cholula Restaurant

From the street, Cholula Restaurant is the type of establishment where lonely men pay bailarinas (dancing waitresses) for some quality time. The blacked-out windows are patched with cheap vinyl, and it doesn’t help that the joint sits along a crumbling strip where a few doors down a business hocks Chinese food from a casket-sized stall.

Cholula is the kind of place my neighbors back in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, told me to avoid on Saturday nights. “Take the long way to Mass,” it was explained. “You don’t want to trip on a bullet casing, or track blood into St. Michael’s.” It was a good Catholic neighborhood, and we were good Catholics.

Inside, Cholula is a sleepy cantina with a chipping earth-tone palette interrupted by muted azure and unwiped tile-top tables. A TV hangs between a sarape and a portrait of a young lady on the far wall. A family of three with a toddler, a brooding gentleman in the corner and the waitress were the only others occupying the dining room. Continue reading

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First Bite: La Norteña

I live within walking distance of the old Taco King (the subject of the first Taco Trail), reported closed by my friends at Taco Sense last February; however, during an early morning bike ride, I saw that strange things are afoot in the old space.


The windows are covered in butcher paper while the periphery of the property advertises pozole, breakfast tacos and all manner of meat-related goodies from La Norteña. There may or may not be food available for sale inside the freestanding structure in the Little Five Points region between the Lake Highlands neighborhood and the affluent NorthPark area. Actually, there isn’t.  Continue reading

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