Good 2 Go Taco Getting Fitted for Wheels

Good 2 Go Taco, yarn bombed. Via Facebook

Good 2 Go Taco was planning a taco truck, I wrote for City of Ate in 2010. Shortly thereafter, owners Jeana Johnson and Colleen O’Hare shuttered the specialty taqueria counter inside the Green Spot market and gas station. Plans for the mobile venture were put on hold.


Months went by before the taqueras’ fare, like the popular Hotlanta and the joyful heart attack from Dixie, the SoCo, would be served commercially, but when they were—Ave, Maria!—Johnson and O’Hare gave us, their dedicated fans, reason to celebrate. We came in droves to the Peavy Road storefront furbished with reclaimed elements and throwback cafeteria tile.

It was good. It was glorious.

The good and the glorious continue. Taco Trail has word directly from Johnson that the taco truck is back on track. However, if you’re expecting something along the lines of a regular wrapped rig, Johnson cautions. “I think the words ‘taco truck’ are a little overzealous. It’s practically a motorcycle,” she explained. “It’s an old mail truck.” See for yourself here.

Regardless, she hopes to have the operation rolling in approximately seven months.

Wherever it goes, I will follow.

Good 2 Go Taco

1146 Peavy Road



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2 responses to “Good 2 Go Taco Getting Fitted for Wheels

  1. That's crazy, how would they serve tacos out of there? I'll follow them around just to see how they make it happen. 🙂

  2. Welcome back! I'm excited to see the mechanics of the operation as well.

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