La Norteña Food Mart

“Awesome!” the thought swims around my mind as the cabeza taco’s qualities continue to swim in my mouth. Awesome!  But the cabeza, cooked for six hours, isn’t the only phenomenal taco at La Norteña Food Mart in Five Points. The pastor and carnitas options are fantastic. The beef guisada (thick stewy delight), when available is a gem. Heck, even the chicken is good.

The market/taqueria is an oasis in this rough and tumble section of Lake Highlands, a couple of blocks east of Greenville Avenue, and the subject of a previous story. Since that first post, I have returned several times to snack on tacos and for chats with the good-natured owner, Baldemar Martinez.

On my latest excursion, yesterday, I was given sad news. The price of tacos had increased from 99 cents to $1.25 since my visit. Not a big deal by itself, but the explanation was troubling. Business has been slow. Nevertheless, unsure about his decision, Martinez is considering lowering the price. I fear the taco mastery at La Norteña is at risk of being rubbed out. I want your help in eliminating that risk.

Patronize La Norteña. It’s a happy place that will find your happy place. And everyone deserves to be happy.

If the neighborhood puts you off a bit, I’ll hold you’re hand. I live blocks away. But, for heaven’s sake, try La Norteña.

My stomach can’t do it alone.

La Norteña Food Mart

8361 Park Ln.


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