Meet and Eat: Velvet Taco’s Mark Brezinski & John Franke

“Meet and Eat” is a series about adventures and discussions with food writers, chefs, restaurateurs and others orbiting the food world.

In response to my not-so-favorable review of Velvet Taco, co-owner Mark Brezinski invited me to tour the restaurant and spend some time chatting with he and chef John Franke. I accepted Brezinski’s offer and last week visited Velvet Taco before the lunch rush.

Highlight of the tours included stuffing of my maw with the new Weekly Taco Feature (WTF) special, The Blue Pig (slow-roasted pork, avocado crema, fire-roasted salsa, custom pico, Danish blue crumbles and pickled Fresno chilies). The liberal application of blue cheese meant I picked out chucks of it, but the pork butt was moist. 

 However, the best part was having the opportunity to see tortillas being made.

Video with Brezinski below.


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