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Fito’s #3 Tacos de Trompo


Slices of reflective, maroon-colored pork resting in greasy tortillas are a beautiful sight streaked. Even if I could do without the greasy tortillas underneath the meat. But that’s what you get at a Fito’s Tacos de Trompo, including #3, a walk-up taqueria next to a gas station on Northwest Highway, up the road from La Nueva Fresh & Hot Tortilleria.

While Fito’s #3 can’t compete with La Nueva—and its tortillas can be wrung out to fill a deep fryer—the trompo is stellar. The achiote bit back with mild chile. I had only one other type  of taco available to me, bistec. The taquero behind the window counter said they were out of barbacoa, lengua campechanas, piratas, an array of potentially exquisite styles. As for the bistec… Continue reading


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Chowing Down on Tesar’s Ipswich Clam Taco at Spoon Bar & Kitchen

Tesar and His Taco

Avocado, cream, salsa, dried corn, little bits of breading. These were on my fingers moments after I took a bite of the Ipswich clam taco on special last night at Spoon Bar & Kitchen. And it was pretty delicious. The heat from the jalapeño cream salsa and the pillowy but hefty clams laced the elements of John Tesar’s taco creation nestled in a flour tortilla that seconds earlier been removed from the grill. The result was a warm, papery tortilla. It was only then that I looked at my dining companion and driver for the excursion. He wasn’t nearly as messy but he was as thankful as I was for the opportunity that Tesar and his staff afforded us. I’m excited to try it again when the taco is added to the forthcoming lunch menu, which I was told would be rolled out sometime after Valentine’s Day. Until then, check out some of the photos I took.

Spoon Kitchen

Tesar Taco 1

Tesar Taco 2

Spoon Bar & Kitchen
8220 Westchester Dr.

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May Taco Trail Tour Preview

Two days from now, I’m leading an unknown number of taco tourists through the Northwest Highway-Webb Chapel area of Dallas. The region offers some real gems, including my all-time favorite joint, La Nueva Fresh & Hot Tortilleria.

As the establishment’s name infers, La Nueva is not a restaurant. Rather, it’s a tortilla factory that offers some silence-inducing dishes, not just tacos filled with outstanding guisados. La Nueva also offers tamales and gorditas as well as other delights—all of it made in-house.  Continue reading

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La Nueva Fresh & Hot Tortilleria

We had come this way before but at the time—approximately one year ago—the wife and I had decided La Nueva Fresh & Hot Tortilleria wasn’t right. The boy was with us and we were unsure of his ability to tolerate the bear-huggingheat and the dearth of seating in the Bachman Lake-area tortilla factory.

Without D, we were free to enjoy the stuff that tacos are made of and recommended by Scott of However, we didn’t merely enjoy, we loved the guisados (stews), La Nueva Fresh & Hot Tortilleria’s specialty. They are redolent, substantial preparations best paired with a freshly made tortilla, one that can push back against the mighty guisado. And that’s what done at La Nueva. From the counter can be seen the large kitchen, tremendous pots bubbling away, vessels from which come edible sunrises.  Continue reading


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