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La Paloma Taquería—NorthPark Center

It’s safe to return to the mall. I can make that statement after visiting NorthPark Center during the peak Christmas shopping season and again right before New Year’s Eve. It was then, on a trip with my son to see the Trains at NorthPark, that I stumbled by La Paloma Taquería.

Opened since Sunday, Dec. 18, this La Paloma is the newest location of the area chain and not far from the Walnut Hill location I reviewed in December 2010. What makes the NorthPark store distinct is its location in the former Orange Cup space. It’s sandwiched between Neiman Marcus and American Apparel in the frou-frou section of the mall, far from the food court and the disastrous cheeseburger taco at Tin Star Taco Bar. Helluva place to find $1.50 taco, never mind respectable ones. Continue reading

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