John Tesar’s Taco Tuesday at Spoon Bar & Kitchen

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If you’ve been watching Top Chef Seattle, you know of the three Dallas chefs competing on the reality TV cooking show. Week before last, John Tesar, one of those toques, was voted off the show, but was given a chance at redemption through a text messaging and a social media campaign. The latter counted the number of times the #SaveChefJohn hashtag was mentioned on Twitter versus that of his opponent. During the popularity contest’s run, I tweeted to Tesar that he’d have my #SaveChefJohn vote if he agreed to offer a one-night-only seafood taco special at his Preston Center restaurant, Spoon Bar & Kitchen. He did agree, and will have the taco available tomorrow, Tuesday, Jan. 15.

Before I share the type of taco, I’d like to tell you. Tesar knows his way around a taco. The chef John helped develop the Wild Salsa menu and concept before handing it over to Kelly Hightower. I’m expecting a solid taco born of his familiarity with the food and his expertise with seafood. The man knows his stuff. So what’s Spoon’s Taco Tuesday special: an Ipswich clam with fire-roasted salsa, jalapeño essence, avocado relish and dried sweet corn on a grilled flour tortilla.

I’m excited. You should be too. Spoon opens at 5 p.m. Call for reservations or try your luck at a seat, but definitely go. Order the taco. Then, order some of the food that made Spoon one of the top restaurant newcomers of 2012.

Spoon Bar & Kitchen
8220 Westchester Dr.


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  1. Taco Trail

    Thanks. Spread the word.

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