Alice Laussade, The Cheap Bastard & Meat Fight CEO

Alice Laussade laughs in the face of bar soap. The James Beard Award-nominated columnist for Dallas Observer’s food section likes to write using dirty words and doesn’t care about your delicate constitution. You either get the joke, or you don’t. That’s what she’s like on paper and on the Internet. But if you know Alice, you’ll see that, yes, she has that saucy quality, but she’s also a kind person, happy to help friend or stranger.

Case in point: Meat Fight, an annual barbecue competition benefiting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. This year, the smoked-meats soiree is going big, moving from Laussade’s backyard to Sons of Hermann Hall. The Deep Ellum venue will host some of Dallas’ top-dog chefs competing in teams for plaudits handed down by an intimidating panel of judges, including pit wizards Justin Fourton and Aaron Franklin as well as BBQ writer Daniel Vaughn.

If you haven’t already purchased your tickets to Meat Fight, you’re out of luck. The fundraiser is sold out. However, there is room at Cane Rosso, where Laussade will be making face with the oven on Monday, Oct. 29, as part of the pizzeria’s guest chef series. Her turn with the paddle will also benefit the National MS Society.

Did I just blow your cover, Alice? Whatever. You already answered the “Lengua Sessions” interview questions.  Speaking of which:

What is your favorite taco-related childhood memory?
Tacos and mariachis are in the same file in my brain. I used to love going to this Mexican restaurant on Beltline in Addison, when I was a kid. (So, maybe the words “Addison” plus “Beltline” plus “Authentic Mexican food” don’t go together. All I know is, I loved the tacos at that place.) To this day, I’m convinced that tacos taste better when there’s a mariachi yell-singing at you.

What is your favorite taqueria/taco joint?
There are obviously tons of great tacos in this town. But, Tacos La Banqueta is still my favorite real-deal taco. You can’t go wrong there. And their green sauce is chuggable.

What would your dream taco be composed of?
In my taco dreams, I beg Wylie Dufresne to make me a taco. I have no idea what ingredients would be involved in the final product, but I know, without a doubt, that it would be my dream taco.

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