Tacos El Guero Is Now Tacos La Banqueta; Quality Unaltered

It’s true. The original Dallas Tacos El Guero has been rechristened Tacos La Banqueta, as first reported by fellow taco lover Elizabeth Bair on Facebook this morning. I trekked to the East Dallas stalwart for confirmation and got it when I reached the corner of the property at Bryan Street and Carroll Avenue. To be sure nothing other than the name and the paint job had been altered, I ventured in for a nosh at my favorite taqueria in Big D.

The painted menu on the back wall now sports the designation La Banqueta, a moniker better suited to the interior—scant more than a kitchen and a 12”-wide counter slowly leaning away from a plastered with international currency—and the ability diners have to eat at counter in front of the shop.

The cashier told me they did away with Tacos El Guero to avoid confusion between it and the second location on GastonAvenue, which opened earlier this year, and the outlet in Arlington, all with the same proprietor. “The other location has the same name. So, the owner decided to change this one,” she told me.

Whatever the business’ appellation, the fare remains inestimable. I made quick work of fantastic suadero, cabeza and lengua.

Hopefully somethings will never change.

Tacos La Banqueta

4500 Bryan St.




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13 responses to “Tacos El Guero Is Now Tacos La Banqueta; Quality Unaltered

  1. There's one in Arlington????

  2. The other El Guero has changed it's name also to the La Banqueta.Hugh in Dallas

  3. Drove by the new one on Gaston yesterday, also changed to Banqueta. Glad to know the owners are still the same.

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    By the way, did you noticed that the la ventana taco guys are previous La benqueta cooks?
    FYI …after I read your review about la ventana I thought you should know. Your review actually sounds like you are against some one behind the window.
    escuse mi inglish, I am a wetback that makes tacos for living

    • Taco Trail

      I’m against a white-owned business playing up a stereotype for the sake of a buck. If it were a white-owned Chinese restaurant or soul food joint playing up stereotypes, it wouldn’t be acceptable. So why is it in this case? So I didn’t think the tacos at La Ventana were all that great. Am I supposed to love every taco I eat? Do you love every taco you eat? We’re all allowed to speak our piece but doing so in a deliberately exploitative manner, which is what La Ventana’s ownership was doing with the taqueria’s menu, shouldn’t be tolerated.

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