Is Cowboy Chow’s Transformation Into a Taco Concept Too Late?

Photo: Tacos & Avocados/Facebook

By now you’ve probably read that Jason Boso of Twisted Root fame is closing the last of his Cowboy Chow restaurants. Whereas the Dallas location closed in May 2011 and was replaced by Buzzbrews, the second Cowboy Chow, this one in Roanoke, will become Tacos & Avocados, Bosso’s new fast-casual specialty taquería concept.

Menu selections listed in the press release, including a rib-eye steak taco with bacon-onion marmalade, blue cheese crumbles and potato straws as well as a mango-chile pepper paleta and daily fish taco specials, seem appetizing enough, but what separates Boso’s steak taco from any other gussied-up beef option?

Then there are the concerns about Tacos & Avocado’s timing and location. One of my favorite taquerías in the suburbs just north of Dallas is looking for an alternative site. Business in the burbs isn’t that great. Another, this one in Downtown Dallas, is—as the owner put it to me—“not doing well.” Even though tacos are more popular then ever, the specialty taquería model has choked the Dallas-Fort Worth market and residents are losing their taste for it.

I’ll certainly check it out after the restaurant opens in September at 101 South Oak Street in Roanoke. Will others do so and keep going back—and from how far?

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