Five Restaurants That Should Serve Tacos on a Regular Basis

I sustain myself on more than tacos. However, when dining at a non-taquería, I occasionally desire to see a taco option. Below are six establishments I wish would serve tacos.

Cane Rosso
My favorite Dallas pizzeria put tacos on the menu once. Jay, wouldn’t you’d rather eat tacos from your own kitchen than from Taco Joint?

Lockhart Smokehouse
I know. I know. The kickass BBQ joint serves brisket tacos every Monday. Pitmaster Will Fleischman and his kitchen cohorts also offer one-off tacos—most recently, the herbaceous smoked cabrito with licks of heat (above). But I’d love to see them add a weekly breakfast taco special.

According to the reports, this amazing restaurant is struggling financially. Raul and Olga Reyes’ Oak Cliff eatery serves exquisite Veracruzan dishes and deserves more business. Tacos would help. It’s not a far leap to octopus tacos.

Private Social
It is no secret executive chef/owner Tiffany Derry fancies tacos. She wouldn’t mind opening her own joint one day. What better platform to test the waters than at her popular Uptown restaurant? Derry could add them to the Social (or lounge) menu.

Sissy’s Southern Kitchen & Bar
Amazing. Fried. Chicken. Best ordered by the bucket, it could easily be transformed into the best fried chicken tacos in town especially with house-made corn tortillas.

Do you have restaurants you’d like to see offer tacos? Name them in the comments.


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One response to “Five Restaurants That Should Serve Tacos on a Regular Basis

  1. Octopus Taco! Now that’s a great idea. I’d love to see a little Octopus Taqueria stand – what a great painting they could have on the outside.

    Thanks for sharing.

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