Tiffany Derry Wants to Open a Taquería

Image: Courtesy of Strauss Marketing Public Relations

“Do you know something about me?” Tiffany Derry asked me, laughing, as if I was privy to a secret. I had inquired about the tacos possibility of seeing on the menu of her delightful restaurant, Private Social, open to the public today. It was Friday afternoon and the staff of the new Uptown eatery, which was to hold a red-carpet grand opening that night, was electric with camera crews, the last-minute rotating of vases and a kitchen staff supplemented with Top Chef alumni. 
Chef Derry, though, was ebullient as ever. After the formal interview I presented in my capacity as a writer for another media outlet, I raised the taco question. Her answer was straightforward: While it hasn’t been finalized, there will be a taco section on the lunch menu.
That wasn’t the kicker. Derry offered more bits.
“I have a love for tacos,” Derry said excitedly. “I want to open a restaurant built around tacos.” She hinted at possible offerings. “Mmm…lengua. And you don’t see nopales around here. You have these places that do tacos but they don’t make their own tortillas. Why? I have fantastic ideas about tacos.”
If Derry’s tacos are anything like her pork buns, an appetizer I’d like to crawl inside of for nap, then there is promise (there is certainly room in the DFW market) for more specialty tacos.

No timeline for the new project has been set.


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