La Paisanita Taqueria

There is a La Paisanita on Maple Avenue and one at the intersection of Inwood Road and Maple. Another (my favorite) is tucked inside a gas station on the northwest corner of Park Lane and Greenville Avenue. The newest outpost of the La Paisanita taquería chain opened in Oak Cliff several months ago in a former laundromat and receives a steady stream, bordering on a trickle, of customer traffic. It’s the second La Paisanita on Davis. The other is at Ravinia Drive, among a smattering of other taco joints, ones I’ll get to in time.

Eager to see—and taste—how the most recent location stacked up against the others, my wife and I stepped in shortly after our move to Oak Cliff.

 It didn’t fare well.

The lengua and beef fajita were dirty, tasting as if the fillings had greywater poured over them while they sat in sieves. The connective tissue that ran through the barbacoa gave the beef an appearance of tattered clothes on a slimy line.

However, the chicken that comes out of that kitchen was as terrific as it has been at the other Paisanitas I’ve patronized. Peppy with a slight spice, it was the best of the bunch that night, and why I would return to La Paisanita.

La Paisanita Taqueria

440 W. Davis St.



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