El Padrino Ordered to Vacate, Hopes to Remain in Bishop Arts

If you’ve developed a taste for the tacos at El Padrino Mexican Grill’s satellite stand, you should know they’ve fallen victim to development. In my Friday, Aug. 3, Dallas Voice profile of restaurant designer and Taco Republic owner Ron Guest, I reported that spot in the Bishop Arts District had received a three-month order to vacate the premises. It’s due to become part of Oak Cliff Mercantile, a  dual concept from Sarah Lombardi, daughter of restaurateur Alberto Lombardi. The new tenant will use the eponymous building as its nucleus. The kiosk will anchor a beer garden.

“No one saw this coming,” says Juan Contreras, managing partner of El Padrino’s stand and the 22-year-old full-service original on Jefferson Boulevard—which is not closing. However, Contreras adds, it makes sense. The lease was altered to a month-to-month agreement 10 years ago. Now, it’s a matter of finding another Bishop Arts space.

“We’re working with our friends in the neighborhood,” explains Contreras. “They have been really supportive. We’d like to stay.”

Indeed, they are staying longer than the original order, issued in May, permits. “Sarah called me today [Friday, Aug. 3]. She has graciously allowed us to remain until Nov. 1. Hopefully, by then, we’ll have a new home.”

Here’s to hope. And El Padrino’s tacos. Next time you’re in the Bishop Arts District, grab one. And get a taste of the things to come.



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3 responses to “El Padrino Ordered to Vacate, Hopes to Remain in Bishop Arts

  1. What a shame. I’m afraid that as Bishop Arts grows and becomes more popular (and more money is at stake) we will see more and more stories like this. I suppose it is inevitable – but I hope the area remembers that a lot of what makes it popular is the “little guys” the whole Oak Cliff feel of the place. I hope that Bishop Arts doesn’t try to become Uptown… we already have one of those.

    Thanks for sharing.

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