Go on the Lamb at Birrieria Aguiñaga

There are taquerías I pass again and again, always thinking, “I gotta check out that place.” Name, address (if I can see it from the passenger seat of my wife’s car) and cross street are quickly jotted down in my pocket notepad.


Life takes over at that point—and POOF. I don’t make good on my statement.

Wednesday last, I had the opportunity finally visit one of those “one day” joints, Birrieria Aguiñaga, a set-back restaurant on a cracked parking lot flanked by decrepit (abandoned?) businesses, on a taco-loving stretch of Northwest Highway.

To the left of the main entrance a window counter sits below an enchanting sign “Ricos Tacos $1.00.” A modest dining room awaits those who venture inside. At the tables, workers, small families and the curious suck down Mexican Cokes and maws stuffed with tacos.

Chief among the tacos is the birria, the restaurant’s specialty (birrieria refers to an establishment serving birria, a meat stew originating from the Mexican state of Jalisco). In the case of Aguiñaga, the protein of choice is lamb.

And it did flabbergasting acrobatics, springing from cheek to cheek. It was smooth with hints of sweetness imparted by the malleable corn tortillas. The stew’s liquid was restrained by the tortillas and the rapidity with which I enjoyed the taco.

Next, I munched on a lengua taco, chopped not cubed. It had a similar consistency without the grin-inducing kinetic talents of the birria

The carnitas, not a DFW strong suit, teetered on the edge of dry with a pleasant crunch and the buoyant moistness of minced tomatoes.

However, the tinga (this one of chicken) saw the dehydrated cliff and went for it with the gusto a college freshman has for cheap beer and whiskey.

With only one disappointment, Birrieria Aguiñaga deserves further patronage. My appetite ponders the elements of the pastor and fajita tacos washed down with an agua fresca.

If Aguiñaga was so good, what does the rest of the Northwest Highway have in store for me? Most of the taquerías on the aforementioned list are located there.

Now, go read the review of Birrieria Aguiñaga by my friends at Taco Sense.

Birrieria Aguiñaga

2829 W Northwest Hwy., Ste. 325



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