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Taste of Home

Last week, I decried the fact that no food truck, much less a taco truck, was serving breakfast tacos. Then, I went to the Grand Prairie Farmers Market’s Hatch Chile Festival, hungry. There weren’t any taco trucks stationed on the west end of the market, but Taste of Home, a rig specializing in Chicago-style sausages, was selling breakfast tacos, Hatch chilies optional.

The line for the tacos was five deep. The number of people waiting for their orders was twice that, while the wait for said orders was 30 minutes. One woman paced, barely containing her exasperation. Shortly thereafter, her name was called with the wrong order repeated to her. She darted out of view when she got the correct tacos. But the natives were getting restless. Other customers grumbled. One threatened to demand reimbursement. Another remarked, “These breakfast tacos better come with gold plate.” Continue reading

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The Tacos of Traders Village

My wife was not surprised that I found a taquería, a food stand, really, within fifteen minutes of arriving at the Dallas-Fort Worth outlet of the flea-market theme park chain Traders Village. “Three tacos with rice and beans for six bucks,” I enthusiastically related after returning from my scouting mission. (There might have been some arm-waving and pogo-ing performed by someone not my three-year-old son nor my patient, age-less wife.) “Huaraches. Barbacoa de borrego, pambazos, too!” Spanish exclamations followed, and when our family friends, the Estradas, joined us, we dug in. Continue reading

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