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TacoWeekBannerI headed to Dallas for the weekend with two things in mind: seeing my family and taking a trip to El Globo Taqueria in the heart of North Oak Cliff.

The 28 years El Globo has operated really say something about the quality of its tacos. The tacos here are adorned with cilantro and chopped onions on either flour or yellow corn tortillas. The corn tortilla tacos are served with two tortillas that have been lightly warmed on an oiled skillet, and come with three kinds of salsas: tomatillo and jalapeño, chile de arbol and tomato, and avocado with jalapeño.

The carne asada was tasty and was best complemented by the tomatillo and jalapeño salsa.

The barbacoa was moist, soft and appeared to have been cooked in its own fat. Frankly, you can’t go wrong with meat that increases its own tastiness.



Chicken is usually a standard filling that can go unnoticed. But the El Globo cooks actually put some effort into preparing their chicken. The chicken comes covered in a tomato kind of broth that keeps the meat moist both inside and out. This taco works with both the chile de arbol salsa and the avocado-jalapeño mix.

The al pastor, my favorite at most places, was the most outstanding among the bunch. But I was left on the fence about its taste. I’m used to al pastor being on the savory side with a hint of sweet, but El Globo’s al pastor tacos lean to the sweeter side. Like I said to my brother that night, “It’s delicious, but it’s not really my kind of taste.”

If you’re the adventurous kind, go for the al pastor. You won’t regret it. If the sweetness gets to you, the boldness of the chile de arbol salsa tones the taco down a bit.

El Globo has a very nightclub feel to it because—well, right next door is a small nightclub with disco lights hanging from the ceiling. If you feel guilty about the calories you’ve scarfed down, head next door and burn them off with a few moves on the dance floor.

El Globo Taqueria
212 S. Llewellyn Ave., Dallas, TX 75208

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