Smartphone TacoQuest App Available Now


Taco locator smartphone applications aren’t new. I have yet to find one that works. TacoQuest might be that one. The new app by Kitchener, Ontario-based DinDin Kitchen Inc., allows taco enthusiasts worldwide contribute their local tacos and taco joints with the TacoQuest community. Taco photos, comments, check-ins and reviews are submitted by users around the globe with Foursqure-powered venue data. Think of it like a cross between Untappd and Foursqure, but, better—obviously.


“Tacos can be good and tacos can be great. With TacoQuest, we’re building a platform to help customers find the most amazing taco experience possible,” says Alex Kinsella, DinDin Kitchen Inc., co-founder, “With TacoQuest, we’re building out a micro-search platform that our community can extend in an infinite number of ways.”


The openness is what attracts me. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait to experience that openness. TacoQuest is currently only available for BlackBerry 10 smartphones at BlackBerry World. Apple people like me will have to wait for the iOs version (Android, too!) due out later this year.

Full disclosure: I’ve never met Alex. However, he and I have been discussing TacoQuest since it seems like he initiated the project. I’ve been following the app’s progress and the check-ins via TacoQuest retweets. It looks like fun. A lot of fun. The fact that there’s a target date to release versions compatible with other platforms is exciting for me. I knew they were coming but wasn’t aware when the versions would be available. Still, “later this year” is too far off for me. I look forward to testing the app. Until then I’ll just keep eating tacos.


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3 responses to “Smartphone TacoQuest App Available Now

  1. Heather

    I cannot find this app available for Iphones. Is it Blackberry phones only????

  2. Alex Kinsella

    Correct – we’ll be coming to iPhone and Android later this year!

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