Trompo Loco Highland Mart



It all started with a photo message from Brandon Castillo. My friend, the executive director of the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market and co-producer of the North Texas Taco Festival, had sent me an image of a flyer with a trompo, the logo of the Saltillo, Mexico, soccer club, a map and words: Trompo Loco Highland Mart.

Our first attempt at eating at Trompo Loco was for naught. I arrived ahead of Brandon and found the blue corner building, a former bodega, closed with no sign of a lunch opening. We defaulted to Tacos La Banqueta, a short walk away. It wasn’t a bad move.

On recent weekend morning, I get another photo from Brandon, this one of a lone taco de trompo on blue-and-white checker paper. It was followed by a picture of a trompo, carmine-colored spinning top-shape hunk pork capped with the top half of a pineapple at the corner of Worth Street & North Carroll Avenue.

It wasn’t until yesterday that I finally had the opportunity to try the tacos at Trompo Loco Highland Mart. They incredible.

The two tacos de trompo I order had mild acidity but barely any kick. The pork had spots of char inside yellow corn tortillas crisped at the edges and bore a sheen from a quick rest in spot of oil and contact with the heat of the griddle. Nothing was tough. Nothing was overly greasy. Just incredible.

I could’ve gone with  a mixta or a gringa, a chicken taco or a hamburguesa—the tortas come highly recommended, too—but once I saw piratas were an option, my decision had been made.

Warm and substantial the flour tortilla held knots of bistec in a blanket of white cheese, creating a pirata, a taco style common in Northern Mexico, that was a salty, chewy treat.

I considered ordering more but decided to return on a Wednesday, when the shop offers a special of 20 tacos for $20. Twenty tacos de trompo of the caliber at Trompo Loco Highland Mart between a few friends is an excellent way to spend a hour in the middle of the week.

Trompo Loco Highland Mart
4420 Worth St.


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4 responses to “Trompo Loco Highland Mart

  1. runDMC

    Great rec, Jose. Did the trompo and the pirata. Wow. Excellent. The 20 for 20 deal is not the only special worth noting there. On the weekends they move the grill and the “trompo” out to the parking lot in front of the store and serve FREE beer. You gotta love it!

  2. Primi timpano

    Been there about 3 times–many thanks for this find–including last Saturday, when they were grilling corn in the parking lot.

  3. G David

    I got a couple of coupons in the mail a while back for this place, have been meaning to check it out. Today is the day.

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