James Scott, DallasVegan.com & Texas State Veggie Fair Founder

Photo credit: Sylvia Elzafon

You could stand to eat more vegetables. We all could. In fact, veggie tacos are too often overlooked, much to our detriment. James Scott is here to help.

Scott decided to eat a vegetarian diet approximately eight years ago. He wanted to lead a healthier life and decided a month-long trial would be sufficient. One month wasn’t enough. Two years later Scott went vegan. He also founded the website DallasVegan.com. However, he didn’t want to leave the joy of the State Fair of Texas’ fried hurt behind. (As much as we disparage the Big Tex Choice Awards, we ought not lie to ourselves. Texans, especially Dallasites, look forward to the announcement of the finalists each year. Fried butter!)  Thus was born the idea of the Texas State Veggie Fair. The third annual celebration of vegetarianism and veganism—and fried food!—will be held this Sunday, Oct. 21, in a larger venue, Reverchon Park. It’s a free, family-friendly event that has more than tripled in size from the first year in 2010, says Scott. But it wasn’t always soyrizo and tempeh. And tacos needn’t be greasy packages of muscle tissue.

Before you attend the Texas State Veggie Fair, read what Scott has to say about tacos…

What is your favorite taco-related childhood memory?
Sadly, the memories of tacos in my childhood consist mainly of Taco Bueno. No gourmet, home-cooked experiences were to be had. I guess I’d have to say I really used to love Taco Bueno, but my strongest memory of the place was that they for some reason seemed to be the only fast-food restaurant you could get Strawberry Fanta from the soda fountain, and I loved it. So, not really a taco memory, but that’s the closest I can think of!

What is your favorite taquería/taco joint?
Good 2 Go Taco definitely has to be my favorite. Ever since their first shop located in the Green Spot, the gals have always been very diligent at making sure a vegan taco item was available. They haven’t featured it as much at the new store, but I remember one of their tacos was the best taco I’ve ever had. It had caramelized broccoli, onion, currants, tomatoes, red peppers and couscous, and was magnificent!

What would your dream taco be composed of?
I love heat—pretty much in everything I eat, the spicier, the better (including oatmeal). While it’s always easy to add various hot sauces to anything, I’d rather the heat be pre-built into the taco. I also like the concept of mixing spicy with sweet. So I’d probably fall in love with some combination of roasted jalapeño/habanero, sweet potato, tomato and quinoa.

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