Taco Ticker: A Taquero Torrent, Pink Puligists & Estrellas

Friday on the trail means Taco Ticker, a selection of light, taco-related reading from around the web. This week’s pickings include litigation over the color pink and a bite that will have you declaring, “I gar-on-tee!” However, if you’re going to click on any item, make it the first link. The piece covers the booming D.C. taco scene with chef profiles, “Taconomics” and a slideshow filled with pretty pictures of meat.

Tacopocalypse hits the DistrictWashington Post Going Out Gurus Blog

Three-Michelin-Star Chef Slings Tacos for Tacolicious — Tacolicious

Local food truck in battle over name ‘The Pink Taco’ — KTRK ABC13

5 Ways to Try Alligator — SFoodie

Taco Bell “Taco A Day For A Year” Contest — CBS Philly


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