Torchy’s Tacos SMU Preview

Torchy’s Tacos, Austin’s favorite specialty taco brand and home of the Dirty Sanchez, is putting the fire to the feet of local uber-chain, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. And, I, for one, am happy about it.

There’s much to like about the Torchy’s Tacos near Southern Methodist University, which held a preview party last night and had its grand opening this morning. The restaurant is down the street from SMU, it’s got a cool fast-casual design, is the first Torchy’s outpost to serve cocktails, called Firewater and, of course, its “Damn Good Tacos.”

Nevertheless, if the quality of the fare and service on display last night is maintained, there will be no problems here, only damn good tacos. That is, if the obnoxiously loud DJ was a one-time thing.

After the jump, photos from the sneak peek-and-eat fiesta.

The cashier is standing on a stool.

Torchy’s little devil is watching over you.

Background: Dirty Sanchez; Foreground: August Taco of the Month, Scallywag

Background: Fried Avocado; Foreground: The Democrat

Torchy’s Tacos owner Michael Rypka greets the crowd.

Torchy’s Tacos SMU
5600 SMU Blvd., Ste. 102


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2 responses to “Torchy’s Tacos SMU Preview

  1. Does Rypka need a teleprompter on his MacBook to greet the crowd or was that the source of the loud music?

  2. Taco Trail

    The DJ’s set up. It was deafening.

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