Rock and Roll Tacos Soft Opening in Photos

Last night, I attended the friends-and-family soft opening of James and Mary Anne Quiñonez’s Rock and Roll Tacos brick-and-mortar operation at LaGrange. Below is a photo catalog of the night, mostly of subpar images of the dishes prepared by Chef Gustavo Fernandez and his crackerjack team. Not included is a shot of the adult snow cone hut in the back patio. Rock and Roll Tacos officially opens to the public Thursday, May 31.

Paintings by Deep Ellum artist Tyler Summer 
Table setting with vinyl LP lazy Susan 
Tequila-spiked pineapple agua fresca 
Salsa selection, including throat-tickling habanera and slow-burning guajillo 
DJ Johnny Tightpants 
Corn elote shooter
Tablita (Mexican rib) in mole 
L to R: Baja fish with cabbage and habanero salsa, pastor with pineapple shavings, cilantro and spicy guacamole salsa
Chile verde taco (pork with cabbage and queso fresco)
L to R: Mini tostada (refried pinto beans, lettuce, tomatoes, queso cojita), veggie flauta (black beans, roasted corn, spinach, jack cheese, serrano peppers) & good karma (black beans, rice, avocado, hard-shell tortilla)
Flan with dulce de leche caramel & white chocolate

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