Fuel City Adds a Patio; Tacos Still Suck

News that Fuel City, home of tacos with their own religious order, has added a covered patio (pictured) that can accommodate 70 customers appeared in my inbox this morning and all over Dallas food websites (Pegasus, SideDish, Eater). According to the press release, the tacos are made from recipes originating in Durango, Mexico, and passed down three generations.

My question is: Did the source recipes suck? The current iterations are terrible. I’ve called them the “Catcher in the Rye of tacos: over-hyped and underwhelming.” They remind me of the time when, as an infant, my son vomited all over my face and I inadvertently swallowed some.

The patio won’t make the tacos taste any better.

Fuel City
801 South Riverfront Blvd.


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3 responses to “Fuel City Adds a Patio; Tacos Still Suck

  1. Ouch. I don't think I'd go so far to say they taste like infant vomit. The tacos are good, not great. Their picadillo is still their best and the rest are decent though nothing worthy of the words "best" or "fantastic" or "great." They are definitely overrated.

  2. Never had anything but yummy tacos from that spot. It's just good greasy and great. Why you hatin'?

  3. I can’t say enough lame things about Fuel City. Thank you for not being on the bandwagon. They are incredibly subpar. They are overpriced, the meats are usually dry and the portions are tiny. My complete thoughts are here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/fuel-city-tacos-dallas#hrid:fBuzoc3Hl7Gw5X0lXwhQ2A

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