Taco Internet: National Taco Week Edition


TacoWeekBannerFrom east to west and points north, tacos were first and foremost on everyone’s minds this week. The New York Times even got a piece of the action with its Taco Issue. One of the articles printed in that section ruffled a few feathers by claiming the Big Apple was just as great a taco capital as Los Angeles. Bill Esparza fired back with a pat on the head: “it’s cute that you keep trying over there.” Gustavo Arellano tempered things with a shoulder squeeze, reminding us that New York’s place in stateside Mexican food history had been secured with Buffalo Bill and Juvencio Maldonado. The latter secured a patent for a tortilla-frying device in 1950 (why is such a significant milestone so easily forgotten?).

We took the opportunity to ramp up activity with interviews, a review, a recipe, a National Taco Day roadmap curated with the help of friends across the United States and Canada. Local publications repackaged old content. For a taste of other Taco Internet goings-on, make the jump.

5 Historic Tacos You Can Eat in Honor of National Taco Day — Stick a Fork in It/OC Weekly

Vitamin T: Hold the Salsa, New York Salsa! We’ve Got Something to Taco ‘Bout — Digest/Los Angeles Magazine

On National Taco Day we celebrate the evolution of this folded treat — PBS Newshour

How NOT to connect with workers at your local taqueria — Mission Mission

How Tacos Explain Mexico’s Labor Market — The Atlantic

Fox News asks Nicaraguan meteorologist to host ‘Taco Day’ Segment: ‘You grew up on tacos’ — The Raw Story

Hey, New York City: Drop Your Mexican-Food Inferiority Complex, ‘Cause You’re All Right’ — Stick a Fork in It/OC Weekly

The Serious Eats Guide to Tacos on Chicago’s South Side — Serious Eats: Chicago


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