[A]n expert on the folklore of tacos… — New York Times

Taco connoisseur and undaunted investigator of all things wrapped in a tortilla. — Eater Dallas

With José as your guide, you are guaranteed to be led down the taquería-road less traveled for some true taco treasures. — TacOCliff

When he says, “Let’s meet at [anywhere for tacos],” you fuckin’ meet him there. This guy knows taquerías like Miley Cyrus knows how to write a shitty song. — Alice Laussade, the Dallas Observer

He is the undisputed king of tacos. — CraveDFW

When it comes to finding the best in this tasty treat, no one knows them better than José Ralat-Maldonado — KTXD’s Texas Living

A tireless consumer of the good, the bad and the weird in NTX tacos, Ralat-Maldonado has become an indispensable guide to taco cuisine. —

[T]he taco bible of Dallas… — Oak Cliff Advocate

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