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When no was looking, the taco conquered the world. The antojito, or snack, defined simply as a tortilla wrapped around a filling, can be found in myriad variations around the globe. But it’s more than that. The taco is a symbol of possibilities, adaptability and endurance, and one of Mexico’s national dishes. It is Mexico’s gift to the world. When I eat a great taco, I eat a world-silencing food. And I want to learn as much about it as I can by reading, listening, traveling and eating, of course.

This taco blog documents the journey with reviews, news items and the like, from New York to San Diego, with most of the content focusing on tacos and taco culture in Dallas and North Texas. Originally a weekly feature on the Dallas Observer food blog, City of Ate, the Taco Trail went independent in May 2011 on Blogger. However, here, the taco blogging gets a bit more serious.

Tips, threats and tacos can be sent to RalatMaldonado AT Gmail dot com. You can also follow the Taco Trail on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Or check out Cowboys & Indians magazine, where I’m gainfully employed as the food and beverage editor.


15 responses to “About y Contact

  1. Have you tried the Taco Stop on Irving blvd?
    don’t miss rib eye taco at lunch & torta with prime rib
    bill f

    • Taco Trail

      I have, but only for a fantastic breakfast. I want to go return before writing a review. Taco Spot is a gem.

  2. Courtney

    Have you tried Yes! Taco food truck in Fort Worth? One of my favorite!

  3. Balbir

    I am a great fan of Taco al Pastor. What is your experience?

  4. Alison Starr

    Do you know much about tamales in Oak Cliff? Have suggestions for the best to get several dozen for Thanksgiving?

    • Taco Trail

      You can try Vera’s Bakery. They might be doing a special batch for Thanksgiving. There’s also the Dallas Tortilla & Tamale Co. I can’t vouch for them though.

  5. Ralat
    Can we connect, just sent you an email. Can you please check

  6. Juan Munoz

    Don’t know if they have a Web site but you can find them on Facebook they are call LA VICTORIA TAQUERIA in Oak cliff you should really try the tacos Al vapor or there trompo its like nothing you have ever tried me and my family have gone the for the past few yrs

  7. David

    Coming into Dallas and wanting to talk to someone who did the event. Will be in big d two days who should I call? Fafigarcia1@gmail.com I’d email and 832.878.1238 is phone or text. Dg

  8. Carlos Acosta

    Check out Rosarito Baja Style Tacos in 2512 Rio Grande near west campus.

  9. When will there be another Great Taco Run?

  10. Steele Wright

    Been savoring my way to blissful delight through your favorite tacos of 2014 list. However, I can’t find address for Dos Primos “Oak Cliff Trompo” despite scouring Google, Insta, and FB. Can you please aid guiding my compass to the trompo?

  11. Well, if you are in Houston on April 18, 2015, join in our Texas Taco Music Fest bike-a-thon which is a Ten mile cruise by important Latin landmarks and murals of the city. Goggle texas taco music Fest and check us out in houston.

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