How I Spent My National Taco Day

That stud muffin at right is Chef Joey Crowell, a friend who surprised me yesterday when he gave me a Ranch Hand taco from Good 2 Go Taco. I was attempting to get some work done before my gluttonous day.

“It’s a Frito pie in a tortilla,” he proudly explained. Indeed, that’s exactly what the combination of asparagus, potato, spinach, tortilla strips, rice, huevos rancheros and cheese (kicked up with bonus chorizo) went down tasting.

I ate half before wrapping it up for later. My stomach was filling quickly. Thankfully, I had a 30-minute walk from the bus stop at Abrams Road and Richmond Avenue to my next destination, Tacos El Guero at Gaston and Grand avenues, where I was meeting the knowledgeable Scott of

The second location of the white-flight-inducing East Dallas broom closet continues its predecessor’s excellent work. The restaurant in a gas station is in a much bigger space and sports several tables. No longer do customers need to suffer rib injuries as they enjoy the soft bits of cabeza, fat melting on the tongue. Fantastic at the new spot.

What is most remarkable about this branch is that the lengua isn’t chopped. Order a lengua taco, you’ll get slab of cow tongue several inches wide. That, my friends, is not a bad thing. We should all come as close to face to face with our food as possible.

The suadero, though, fell a wee short of the quality at the original store. At the Bryan Street shop, I have never had anything but stellar suadero. It was delicious in general. However, the beef was chopped too finely.

The next and final stop for National Taco Day was Mexico Lindo, around the corner from Tacos El Guero, where Scott ordered cabrito, gamey but with happy rivulets of fat. stuck with the tacos, presented in handmade corn tortillas. The pillowy wrapping nestled guiso de res stuffed with fresh tomatoes and onion stained orange from the stew. The chicken taco was a spider’s nest of unfinishable detritus.

Still, my day wasn’t scuttled by yet another dreadful chicken taco. On the contrary. My day was a splendid one. While everyone else was darting about town in search of the next big-box National Taco Day deal—I’m as guilty of promoting them as anyone—I lunched (many times over) with someone I respect and walked away pleasantly satisfied.

Good 2 Go Taco
1146 Peavy Rd
Tacos El Guero 2
7233 Gaston Ave.
Mexico Lindo
7324 Gaston Ave.

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